Sunday, June 25, 2006

Rock Ness Event Saved By Garden Path

Okay I know this is not directly related to Ullapool, but it caught my attention and thought it again shows the uniqueness of the Scottish Highlands.

Down at Loch Ness almost 25,000 people turned up for the event of the year, with Fatboy Slim headlining and local lad Mylo raving the place up. However disaster nearly stuck. When the crew were setting up Fatboys decks that found there was too much rock and the discs would skip on the turntables.

So the call went out to the local community to find two paving slabs to sort the problem out! Two community council members asked a local man who volunteered to dig up part of his garden path to save the day. The 2 x 2 concrete slabs were quickly transported to the stage and in place to steady the turntables.

And what a night with a giant Nessie bobbing to the music and ending with fireworks, we may well see this event next year extending to two days - here's hoping so!


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