Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Sizziling Success For Ullapool Butchers

I opened my email today to find message from the Chief Executive of the Scottish Federation of Meat Traders Assocs has dropped me a line to announce the Awards our Ullapool Butchers have just picked up!

Ullapool Butchers Food For ThoughtFood for Thought Speciality Sausages have tasted success winning two awards in the North of Scotland Regional Heat of the Scottish Speciality Sausage Competition held in the Caledonian Stadium, Inverness on Tuesday 16 May 2006.

Food for Thought recipes impressed the judges in the competition that attracted 90 Speciality Sausage entries from all over the North of Scotland. The Competition was part of a “Speciality Sausage Masters” event which was organised by the Scottish Craft Butchers, the promotional arm of the Scottish Federation of Meat Traders. Judges from the meat trade, catering, media and consumer sectors evaluated more than 140 sausages and black puddings.

Food for Thought was successful in picking up a Gold award for Venison Sausage and a Silver for Chicken Sausage.

Duncan MacKenzie, President of organisers, the Scottish Federation of Meat Traders said:-

Meat Traders

“We are proud to promote these awards as it gives us the opportunity to highlight the quality and fantastic variety of sausages available from Scottish Craft Butchers. The innovation and creativity never ceases to impress me.

“A continuous focus on product innovation means that at butcher’s like Food for Thought you

will find freshly made sausages, spiced up with innovation that are a real treat. The award winners are truly a credit to the imagination and skill that you come to take for granted at the Scottish craft butcher. These Butchers are discerning meat buyers specially selecting their stock to ensure their customers can shop with confidence and eat with pleasure.”

Congratulations - of course we always knew we had the best butchers in the North!


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